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International Patients Department

Health tourism is a trip aimed at treatment in another country. The reasons for such a type of tourism include the lack of similar therapeutic methods, high costs and the lack of advanced therapies in the country of origin. On the other hand, given the appropriate medical tariffs in Iran compared to other countries in the region and the provision of premium international medical and nursing services patients, a large number of patients tend to travel to Iran to enjoy health care, making Iran a health tourism hub in the region.

In this regard, Bistoon Hospital was the first to be awarded the permit to admit international patients by Health Ministry thanks to its actual and potential capacities, successful international achievements and leading in the management of modern health services.

International Patients Department

The Hospital's International Patient Department (INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS DEPARTMENT) is composed of proficient experts and experienced doctors mastering international languages, providing 24-hour medical services to international patients. 

- The presence of fluent Arabic and English and kurdish resident interpreters at this center has facilitated the treatment processes from the moment of entry to country until discharge and return to the country of origin so that there is no communication problem in this area. 

- INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS DEPARTMENT chief expert is responsible for coordinating the way international patients attend the hospital. In order to facilitate the provision of services, the presence of a VIP expert at the hospital has been able to give the department good opportunities and conditions. 

- Creating a patient-centered living space in the hospital is one of the competitive advantages of the Bistoon Hospital. Main measures taken in this department include the equipment of hospitalization wards with the international visual and written media, setting up welcome stands in the language of the patient, the existence of the patient’s national flag, the provision of a food menu based on the nationality of the patient in Arabic or English or kurdish 

- In order to lessen the housing and travel concerns of patients and their companions, establishing a framework for cooperation with various hotels in various categories of formalities, the possibility of obtaining or extending visas, reservation of travel tickets on all air, land, and maritime routs and taking the advantage of Kermanshah tours have been considered. 

- Depending on the patient's condition and, if desired, they can be accompanied from the airport to the hospital and vice versa by the specialist medical staff. 

- Translation of all the documents and forms of the hospital into three Arabic and English and Kordish languages has been an important step in protecting the rights of patients. In this regard, conducting daily surveys of international patients through various techniques (international questionnaire-interviewing or emailing to the hospital) and corrective actions in the shortest possible time have been effective in clarifying the rights of patients. 

- The INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS DEPARTMENT doctor's daily visits for all international patients in the hospital and the proficient and experienced team of doctors in this area are one of the pillars of patients’ trust in Bistoon Hospital.

- The issuance of bills in English along with the Medical Report at the time of discharge, has reassured patients to continue treatment in this center.

- The close proximity to residential hotels is one of the other advantages of this health center, some of which are: 

1. Parsian Hotel

The IPD part is a separate section that have 7 single rooms with equipment hoteling.In addition,separate section,in all sectors are open to patients international patients.
IPD nurse section at least are familiar with kurdish and English fluently.
International patients have separate parking
Team International patient department in Bistoon Hospital:
Dr.Afshin Ghasemi deputy head of international patient department
Dr.Mrs.Fahimeh Ziaee G.P
Mrs .Saba Sanjari expert inter national patient department
Health tourism phone number:+98 83 38321701-355
(Saba Sanjari) Health tourism expert phone number:+98 901 461 5929
Fax:+98 83 38323773
Post cod:67196-88345


S.Rostami:phone number 09183397954(English)

S.sanjari:phone number 09128390028(Kurdish&English)

N.Mohamadi:phone number 09185825033(Turkish)

Mr Balavi Phone number 09183459762(Arabic)