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About Bisotoon Hospital

Bisetoon Specialized and ultra-specialized hospital strategic planning (2016)

Introducing the hospital

Bisetoon Specialized and ultra-specialized hospital is the biggest private hospital in Kermanshah province and in Kermanshah city. The construction of the hospital started in 1993 in an area of two hectares and 16961 square meters of infrastructure and it started its activities in 1999. At the beginning it had 150-beds and it included female surgical wards, emergency, laboratory, radiology, physiotherapy, maternity, pediatric and newborn wards. In 2003, the CCU, ICU and Department of Ophthalmology and Eye Clinic, in 2006, parts of the heart and cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgery and ICU were added and in 2010 the number of hospital beds due to physical space development and construction of new sections increased to 215 beds. Currently, Bisetoon Specialized and ultra-specialized hospital as a general hospital with 215 beds has a very broad medical coverage and it is regarded as the best equipped private hospital in west part of the country which serves to raise and maintain the health of all diseases due to the presence of specialist doctors and specialists in all fields. Looking at the landscape and the hospital's 10-year horizon, this hospital has started receive permission for 2 beds in the ranking from the University of Medical Sciences.The center's activities include specialized and sub specialized of pediatrics, general surgery, gynecological surgery, ICU cardiac, ICU General, Cardiac surgery, eye surgery, emergency room, operating room, Angiography and , General, heart and eyes operating rooms. Para clinic facilities of this center includes laboratory, pathology, radiology, physiotherapy, ultrasound and CT scan and the Pharmacy of hospital is servicing in the morning and afternoon shifts and night shifts to hospitalized patients and emergency outpatients. I addition to the mentioned activities, this center is equipped with CT scan and NICU wards and CT Angiograghy.

Patient s Rights:

It is our goal to provide you and your visitors with quality services and the most positive experiences at all times.

1. Considerate and respectful care and to be made comfortable.

2. Receive information about health status, diagnosis, prognosis, a course of treatment and prospects for recovery.

3. Make decisions regarding medical care and receive as much information about any proposed treatment or procedure as you may need in order to give informed consent or to refuse a course of treatment except in emergencies.

4. The right to personal privacy. Case discussion, consultation, examination, and treatment are confidential and should be conducted discreetly.

5. File a complaint with an accreditation program, the contact information is:



Dear Patient

1. In emergency conditions, you will be informed before any important decisions involve type of methods, advantages and disadvantages and you will be given consent forms for approval authority.

2. Identity bracelet which will be worn on your hand during the admission procedure indicates your identity. Our treatment team will check specifications on the bracelet before further proceeding for the accuracy of identification and maintain your security, therefore we would like to ask you to keep it safe in all treatment phases (from admission to discharge).

3. For keeping your security, three bins including yellow, blue and white were provided. You may put infected wastes in yellow bins, home wastes (food dishes, etc.) in blue bins and chemical wastes (drug wastes etc.) in white bins.

4. If the scan tests and graphics and pathologies results are not prepared when you are discharged, the receiving date will be informed via phone call or Email. Hence, please make sure the phone numbers and Email address you provide for us are available and not out of reach

5.For more security, please keep bed guards (bed sides) up and avoid bringing them down without discretion of treatment team while you are resting

6. It is necessary to keep operation wounds neat. To prevent infection, please wear neat and clean clothes, wash your hands and use Hand Rub

 If you observe medical faults, please let us know. Following ways are available for you:

1.Ask nurses to give you related forms.

2.      Reporting boxes are available in all sections of the hospital.

3.      Bistoon.hospital.kermanshah.iran@gmail.com

4.      Our website: www.bistoonhospital.com

5.      Our Phone Number: +98-83-8321701-5

6.      Our security office which is located at Ground of the hospital.


Visiting Hours in Bistoon hospital:

We understand the importance of family and friends to patient s recovery.

General visiting hours is 2:30 pm-4 pm every day but this time may vary for some units based on the patient s condition and needs.

Children under age 12 are not permitted as visitors

Nine patient safty guide:

1.      Look-alike, sound-alike medication names;

2.      patient identification;

3.      communication during patient hand-overs;

4.      performance ofcorrect procedure at correct body site;

5.      control of concentrated electrolyte solutions;

6.      assuring medication accuracy at transitions in care;

7.      avoiding catheter and tubing misconnections;

8.      single use of injection devices;

9.      improved hand hygiene to prevent health care-associated infection.